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The following people make Hober possible:




gregor markowitz
Web Site Mastering   Alane Hartley
Graphic Arts and Design   Mike Swartzbeck
Networking and Servers   Carlos Ojeda
Operations   Suzete Herrman
Custom Programming   Dorian Winterfeld
Markup   Mike Wiik
Music Director   R.L. Fisk
Music Director   Ibrik O'Neil
Rotating Web Log   Mike Wiik
Rotating Web Log   Ellen Thomas and Prop 1
Rotating Web Log   Mike Swartzbeck
Advisors   Charlie Pilzer
    Sam Love
    Russell Braen

2000-2001 Sound Unwound and in-studio guest artists: Daryl Purpose & Mary Sue Twohy, Old Blind Dogs, Acoustiphrenia, Rachel & Jaqui, Tree Surgeons, Rob Wasserman, Dave Reiner, Ibrik O'Neil & R.L. Fisk, Garth Ross, Al Petteway & Amy White, Robin Bullock, Lisa Moscatiello & Fred Lieder, Dave Ihmels & Stephen Putt, Hokum Jazz, Big Blow and the Bushwackers.
Sound Unwound, 2000-2001  
Host   Doug Goodhill
Percussion / Guitar / Vocals   Snooze
Mandolin / Guitar / Vocals   Doug Goodhill
Research and Booking   Johnny Bonneville
Mixing   Charles Davis
Console   gregor markowitz

1999-2000 Hober Hall and in-studio guest artists: Bernice Lewis, Doug Goodhill, Esmirelda, Hot Soup, Jack Couldn't Make It, Pine Barons, Sam Zygmuntowicz, Tinsmith, Tree Surgeons, Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer.
Hober Hollers, 1999-2000  
Host   Vic Young
Bass / Guitar / Vocals   Rick Jordan
Mandolin / Guitar / Vocals   Doug Goodhill
Percussion / Guitar / Vocals   Snooze
Violin   Fiddlin' Phil Swaby
Percussion   Ben Remmers
Catering   Mr. Wimpy's

Special Thanks: Dean Jones, Liz Goldberg, Jim Simpson, Steve Snyder, Jeff Krulik, Ken Hartzel, Image Camp, Becky and Brad, Sue and Jimmy, Susie Remmers, and all the puppies and kitties in the pound.
Thanks to all those who have sent in ideas, music, 2 cents, greetings. Thanks also for the patience UAQA staff has shown for the project.
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