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Help make Hober sustainable for the long run!
If you enjoy listening to Hober, and value the free-form format and commercial-free low pressure environment the station provides, here is your chance to give something back.

The broadcast is not free - it costs a few cents an hour to broadcast to each person. You may try it out all you want. But regular listeners should send in an offering to pay their way.

Hober has been offered certain institutional gifts to help sustain the programming as a treasure of folk and hand-played music for future generations. In order to accept and partake of these non-profit offers, we have to show that our listeners will help to pay some of the ongoing expenses.

A one-time gift of $20 (or more?) is appropriate for part-time listeners. Hard-core everyday listeners might pony up fifty or ninety bucks.

Your gift will help to make sure that our children and grandchildren all over the world will have continued access to this incredible cultural wealth of natural music which has been played by real humans - not for money - but for the love of the soul, family and friends.
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